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Nextbrand solemnly send to customers airport advertising services list details with a variety of forms at Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Phu Quoc airports, etc. We exploit and search for beautiful advertising locations. most prominent, with the most economical cost for businesses and brands.

1. Introduction of airport advertising service

Introduction of airport advertising service
Introduction of airport advertising service
The airport acts as a gateway, the exchange of people and goods between many provinces in the country, as well as other places in the world. Every day, an airport can handle hundreds of thousands, even several million passengers. The time to check-in and wait for the plane is also relatively long, creating a lot of space for businesses to easily “put” their ads in.
Therefore, airport advertising services are increasingly developed. Nearly every airport in Vietnam now allows advertising.
Airport advertising services are increasingly developed
Airport advertising services are increasingly developed
Advertising forms at the airport are also diverse, appearing right from the entrance area to deeper inside each location such as check-in area, security control area, waiting room,…  No such as billboards, billboards outside the airport, advertising led screens at the airport, billboards hanging from the ceiling in the airport, advertising light boxes, advertising on luggage trucks, ..
Advertising at the airport is considered a place to help many businesses position their own brand and class. This is a brand promotion point with many domestic customers and a large number of international users and investors.
With so many outstanding advantages, is the advertising cost at the airport expensive or not? Let Nextbrand explain more clearly about the cost of airport promotion to those who have been and are planning to invest in the above communication channel!

2. Factors affecting airport advertising quotes

Airport advertising quotes are determined based on the cost of many factors. Here are the top important factors that impact airport advertising costs and directly affect the price of advertising.
Factors affecting airport advertising quotes
Factors affecting airport advertising quotes
  • Area of advertising: Which airport advertising is the first factor that determines the cost of airport advertising. For different airports, the size is not the same. Advertising at foreign airports will cost more than at domestic airports. There are also advertising positions in the airport and outside the airport. The larger the advertising area, the higher the airport advertising price will be. Advertising area with different types of advertising will also have different prices. In some cases it is also possible to limit the table space and lower the price.
  • Advertising form: Each form will have different airport advertising prices. Depending on the airport, the different forms of advertising have different prices. In general, forms with decals, or tarpaulins will have a lower cost than advertisements on LED or LCD screens.
  • Number of people reaching advertising: This is an important factor that can influence airport advertising quotes as well as greatly impact airport advertising costs. The more people an ad is exposed to, the higher the price will be.
  • Billboard providers: Not all billboards at the airport are owned by the same unit. So the units will have a separate price agreement. Depending on the advertisement made at which airport, the price will be adjusted according to the price of that place.
Airport advertising services
Airport advertising services
  • Number of billboards: Depending on the requirements of each business, there will be a different number of ads to hire. Airport advertising quotes are also greatly affected by this factor. The larger the number of rental signs, the better the price will be.
  • The length of the customer’s sea rental: Just like the quantity factor, the length of time to use the sea of different customers, the price will be different. Depending on the audience, the campaign is not the same. And the rental period can be long or short. However, the longer the billboard rental period, the more preferential prices will be. From there, each customer’s airport promotion quote will also be different.

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3. Nextbrand’s airport advertising services

Nextbrand’s airport advertising services are divided by airport with specific advertising items for you to easily track and grasp. Usually, we will rely on information and requirements of customers to provide advice and support from the planning and implementation steps, thereby determining the budget to suit the project.
Nextbrand is a company that operates advertising services at the airport and guarantees the best prices. Package advertising service, commitment to quality and prestige will certainly not disappoint customers.
Therefore, to receive Nextbrand’s more general and specific airport advertising price list, please contact us directly.
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