Airport LED advertising

Airport LED advertising has been used a lot in recent years as airports have become prime locations for this type of advertising. Many businesses have made great profits from using LED screens to promote their brands to customers. In this article, we will delve deeper into airport LED advertising.

1. What is advertising LED display?

Advertising VIP LED screen at Noi Bai airport
Advertising VIP LED screen at Noi Bai airport

Airport LED advertising is a form of Digital Out of Home advertising that utilizes large, digital billboards capable of displaying dynamic content such as video clips or TVCs. LED advertising screens were made possible by advancements in digital technology and traditional outdoor advertising.

LED advertising screens are constructed using multiple LED modules connected together through signal cables and power sources. There are many types of LED modules suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, such as P4, P5, P6, P8, P10. The smaller the number following the P, the higher the pixel density and the sharper the display.

The LED modules typically measure 32 x 16cm, and the number of modules used depends on the size of the LED screen. Currently, outdoor LED screens in major cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City can reach up to 100 square meters in size to ensure visibility from a distance.

2. Airpot LED advertising

Hoang Ha Moblie uses Nextbrand's airport advertising service
Hoang Ha Moblie uses Nextbrand’s airport advertising service

Due to the large number of people who gather at airports, LED screen advertising at airports is one of the advertising methods frequently used by domestic and international businesses and brands.

LED screen advertising at airports operates by interleaving TVC advertisements, with each TVC lasting between 15-30 seconds, repeated many times with a frequency of 4 minutes per play. The airing time of each TVC is about 1 hour per day, equivalent to 120 spots/day for a 30s TVC and 240 spots/day for a 15s TVC. There are many locations for LED screen advertising at large airports nowadays, both indoors and outdoors.

3. The advantages of LED advertising screens at airports

Airport LED advertising
Airport LED advertising
  • Based on surveys conducted at airports, where passenger traffic is very high and dwell time is long, up to 42% of passengers can remember advertising after one week of exposure to airport LED advertising. Many passengers are attracted to LED screen advertising if they are placed in the right location, as many passengers have to wait for a considerable amount of time to complete their flight procedures.
  • The budget for airport LED advertising is relatively cheap, only 1/10 of advertising on television or print media, but it brings high effectiveness, with up to 87% of products increasing revenue when choosing LED screen advertising at the airport.
  • Airport LED advertising is designed to be suitable for any size and shape, and it has the ability viewed without being affected by daylight or brighter areas.
  • Airport LED advertising can greatly improve customer experience. Attractive and interesting content on screens can entertain, reduce waiting time, enhance the process, and reduce confusion through announcements and updates for tourists.
  • LED screen advertising at airports is perfect for businesses and premium brands with high-end target customers and fairly high incomes.

4. Some LED screen advertising positions at the airport

Advertising LED screen at Noi Bai airport
Advertising LED screen at Noi Bai airport
Advertising LED screen at Tan Son Nhat airport
Advertising LED screen at Tan Son Nhat airport
Airport LED advertising
Airport LED advertising

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5. Nextbrand company specializes in providing led advertising services at the airport

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