One2fly Airline Magazine Advertising Costs Quote

One2Fly magazine is the only entertainment information channel of Vietjet Air airline, and is distributed on all flights of the airline. The magazine is continuously updated and perfected in both content and design, meeting the top advertising and communication needs of businesses. Today, let’s explore the latest magazine advertising costs on One2Fly with Nextbrand in 2023.

1. About One2fly magazine

One2fly Magazine
One2fly Magazine

One2Fly magazine is a publication of Vietjet Air, which is not only available on the airline’s flights but also widely distributed at agents, ticket offices, and major banks such as HDbank, ABbank, Vietinbank, tour agencies, hotel chains, resorts, and restaurants.

On average, One2Fly publishes about 40,000 copies per month and reaches approximately 2 million readers/issue. The readership is diverse and includes:

  • 75% students, office workers, and middle-level managers
  • 13% senior managers
  • Age range from 25-44 years old
  • 52% of passengers with average income from 10-20 million VND/month.

Now let’s explore the latest magazine advertising costs on One2Fly with Nextbrand in 2023.

Aviation magazine One2fly

Aviation magazine One2fly

2. Why should you advertise on One2fly magazine?

  • Vietjet Air is one of the most popular airlines in Vietnam with about 400 flights taking off each day on 74 domestic and international routes. The airline serves more than 25 million passengers on average every year, and all of them can potentially become your business’s customers through advertising in the One2Fly magazine appearing on every flight.
  • As most of Vietjet Air’s aircrafts are not equipped with in-flight entertainment screens, reading magazines throughout the flight is a popular choice for most passengers, and the opportunity to access, see and remember ads in the magazine is very high.
  • In addition to in-flight customers, the One2Fly magazine is also distributed through many other channels, expanding the number and segment of customers who can access the ads.
  • For advertising in One2Fly magazine, beautiful interface design and rich, high-quality content are plus points that help enhance the value of the business’s brand. Ads are presented in an attractive way, creating inspiration and attracting readers. Magazine advertising costs vary based on the type and placement of ads.
2023 One2fly Airline Magazine Advertising Costs Quote
One2fly magazine publication on the plane

3. The quotation for advertising costs on One2fly magazine.

In the price list for advertising in One2Fly inflight magazine, the main advertising positions and formats include:

Advertising on the cover, special pages, regular pages, and small image banner ads. Sponsored articles on double-page spreads or full pages.

The advertising costs for One2Fly magazine range from 19 million to 210 million VND per position/per advertising period. Please note that these advertising costs are subject to change depending on pricing policies and discounts at different times and years.

The One2fly Magazine Advertising Costs Pricing Table

4. Pre-booking advertising space in One2Fly magazine

At Nextbrand, we offer comprehensive magazine advertising services for One2Fly. Along with securing prime advertising positions in the magazine, we provide consultation and develop suitable communication plans for businesses. Our experienced team will help you craft engaging content that effectively conveys your message while adhering to the magazine’s regulations.

Due to high demand for advertising space in One2Fly, we recommend that clients contact us at least 2-3 months prior to publication date to secure their booking.

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