Top 5 effective from advertising at the airport

Advertising at the airport is one of the popular forms of advertising for businesses that want to implement a media plan. The airport is a place where many people pass through every day, that is, the passengers on the plane, this is a potential customer group of many businesses today. Therefore, airports become effective advertising locations that bring a good impression to customers. We will analyze in more detail the benefits of airport advertising in the article below:

1. What is airport advertising?

Advertising at the airport
Advertising at the airport
Airport advertising is a form of advertising that conveys the content and message of the business through words, images, video clips, .. Mounted at the airport such as billboards, LED screens, airport light boxes, or items that passengers often use at the airport such as battery chargers, luggage trolleys, etc.

2. Top 5 great effects from advertising at the airport

In recent years, Vietnam has experienced strong growth in the aviation industry. The number of passengers passing through airports has increased, along with potentials in the airport advertising market. In fact, airport advertising is not a strange form of advertising in many countries around the world. world.
That’s because the advertising service at the airport always attracts the attention of many people every day, bringing great communication efficiency to businesses. Advertising at the airport is always one of the top choices to use in branding campaigns as well as products and services for businesses because of the many practical benefits it brings.

2.1. Reach out to a large number of target customers

The airport is a gathering place for many people due to the travel needs of people across the country as well as international visitors. This place often focuses on the segment of customers with high finance, belonging to the group of business managers, government officials, economists who often use airplanes to travel for work, travel,… Advertising at the airport helps to increase reach for this customer group.
Airport advertising can also target a variety of different audiences. People from different places, different occupations, different ages, different genders. Therefore, businesses can not only reach the target customer group, but also have access to potential customers in the future, the customer groups that businesses are missing.
Luxury and beautiful airport advertising location
Luxury and beautiful airport advertising location

2.2. Advertisement LED screen placed in a beautiful position

Airport advertising has a great advantage of location, which can make a great impression on customers in receiving advertising thanks to its luxurious and eye-catching layout.
For each different business, it will be based on the business field that chooses the appropriate form and location of advertising. Customers will prefer rhus with advertisements placed in beautiful, luxurious locations. Therefore, to impress customers, it is not only based on the quality of the content, but also must have the advantage of the placement of the ad. Airports are the perfect place to meet these requirements.

2.3. Advertising exposure time

Every time when arriving at the airport, the time for passengers to check in will take a long time, so they often have a lot of downtime. At times like these, they often spend more time looking around, memorizing images and words deeply, helping to keep the advertising messages of the business in their minds. Therefore, the possibility that customers can perceive advertising content from the airport is very high.

2.4. Enhancing the brand of the business

Unlike bus stations, the airport is where customers in the higher-income, more advanced, more sophisticated and modern segments are concentrated. International airports are also places to show the face of the country, so advertising service companies are also upgraded to brand names, thereby becoming a prestigious image in the eyes of customers.

2.5. Advertising at the airport increases the frequency of contact with customers

Lightbox advertising appears with high density and is highly effective
Lightbox advertising appears with high density and is highly effective
For airport advertising, each business can use a combination of advertising media according to the journey of passengers to the airport, making people often exposed to advertising during the journey. Check-in, wait, etc. Exposure to advertising many times will help passengers to deeply remember the brand image in their minds.
Ways for a business to arrange airport advertising: Place a billboard ad right at the airport entrance, that ad will continue to be placed at the check-in counter as a standee, then arrange more ads with the same content. In the waiting room, put a promotional message on the luggage trolley. This will expose customers to ads over and over again helping them to remember the information longer without causing discomfort as these billboards only appear spontaneously during their stay at the airport.

3. Booking effective airport advertising with Nextbrand’s services

Nextbrand specializes in providing professional and prestigious airport advertising services. Possessing many years of experience in the field of consulting overall communication strategy, along with online and offline advertising strategies. We are proud to be partners of many large domestic and foreign brands and enterprises.
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