The cost of airport advertising

Today, advertising at the airport has become the leading form of advertising for businesses wishing to reach domestic and international customer groups. Therefore, the cost of airport advertising is one of the factors that almost every business needs to pay attention and study when planning to develop a communication campaign here. Nextbrand Vietnam is honored to be a nationwide airport advertising service provider, accompanying many media campaigns of many businesses.

1. What role does the “cost of airport advertising” at the airport play in the brand promotion campaign of the business?

cost of airport advertising
Cost of airport advertising
In recent years, airport advertising is gradually emerging and becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising. With strong and close potential, diverse customers at the airport, from adults to children, from groups of customers with good incomes or more, etc. Especially the customers who come here.
From many different places make your campaign shine to almost every part of the country. In the process of implementing the airport advertising campaign project, the quotation is the factor that businesses anticipate and are concerned with first. The advertising price list at the airport will help businesses determine their communication goals as well as choose the right advertising types for their campaigns. Therefore, the cost of airport advertising at the airport have a great influence on the overall communication campaign of the business.
Airport advertising costs many lower priced items. This goal is the cost of each step in the airport advertising campaign development. The specifics are:
  • Cost of ad placement: this is the cost that businesses need to spend to rent a location for the purpose of implementing an advertising campaign there for a certain period of time.
  • Cost of building advertising maquette: Advertising maquette is considered the most important factor to help businesses attract people’s eyes. Therefore, businesses need to focus many files on the process of designing media publications, during testing to match the original required colors to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Expenses for construction, application for advertising permits: Enterprises will construct the advertising Maquette designed on the rental site from the very beginning. Along with that, businesses must also get permission from the competent authority to deploy the advertising campaign legally.
  • Replacement and warranty costs: during the advertising campaign, businesses may need to change maquettes or media publications that can withstand the external impacts of the environment. Therefore, businesses also need to spend an expense to replace the content of media publications.

2. Some factors affect the cost of airport advertising

2.1. The form of advertising that the business chooses

The form of advertising that the business chooses
The form of advertising that the business chooses
Currently, airport advertising has many diverse forms such as:
  • Billboards
  • Advertising light box signboard
  • Advertising Led screen, Frame, LCD
  • Advertising with luggage trolley
  • Advertisement for rechargeable batteries
Compared to each form of advertising, there will be different airport advertising costs. There are low-cost forms, and there are high-cost forms, so that businesses can choose the form that suits their bank and needs.

2.2. Location of advertising campaign deployment

Location of advertising campaign deployment
Location of advertising campaign deployment
This also plays an important role in airport advertising quotes. With prime locations such as money station, waiting area, check-in area, … will be appreciated more than other advertising positions at the airport. Besides, if you choose to exploit advertising for long-term development, businesses will receive extremely attractive incentives such as direct discounts, gifts of different times or locations, ..
One note is that businesses should book ads at major airports such as Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, …. Luff has the ability to develop much more than other locations.

2.3. Airport advertising campaign time

Airport advertising campaign time
Airport advertising campaign time
Confronted with airport advertising campaigns by means of advertising signs such as Billboard, Pano, light box signs, ceiling signs, .. businesses should develop their advertising campaigns in the period from 6 months to 1 year. It can be said that this is just enough time to help the image of the business have a large enough frequency to display, thereby helping viewers easily remember the information deeply in their mind.
As for digital screen advertising methods such as LED screen advertising at the airport, LCD screen advertising, Frame at the airport, … businesses can develop and exploit in a shorter period of time, from 1 up to 3 months to save costs while still ensuring effective communication for the campaign.

3. Update the latest the cost of airport advertising list

With the advantages that airport advertising possesses, this form of advertising is a communication method that brings extremely strong coverage to businesses as well as investors. Therefore, the airport advertising price list is also in a higher segment than other common forms of advertising.
Moreover, the cost of outdoor advertising communication at major airports such as Noi Bai airport advertising quotes, Tan Son Nhat airport advertising quotes, etc. will also have a higher price compared to the area. left. But in terms of advertising that airport advertising brings, this value is completely worth it.
In addition, the advertised price at the airport may change according to the actual situation of the market, so businesses should update the latest information from the package service company to receive advice., support and enjoy the most preferential price.

4. Contact airport advertising professionally, quickly and effectively:

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